What is a spinner, basic structure and spinner trend

1. What is a spinner?

Spinner is a small EDC fidget toy, usually be used to reduced stress and anxienty. They come in various sizes and are made from several different materials.


The idea is that by carrying an EDC fidget spinner, you will be able to cure unwanted habits such as biting nails and smoking. Instead of bitting on your nails or spinning pen, you can use the spinner to calm yourself down. Many people have successfully cured unwanted habits using spinner.


Spinner has quickly become popular with ADHD patient. They feel calmer after pushing all ADHD symptoms onto the spinner.


Spinner are known to help with mild to moderate anxiety and stress. If you have severe anxiety you might not benefit as much from using a spinner. Only you know how well your body will react to using one of these toys but it’s important to note that many people have been able to cure unwanted habits and reduce stress using spinners.


2. Spinner trend?

If only focus on the basic of a spinner, you will overlook a lot of it other qualities. Other than reducing stress and anxienty, spinner is also a type of accessory. And lots of spinner lover in the world had made their own collection of spinner.


The price of a spinner was based on the design, material and finish. Like how a spinner made of precious metal, have a nice and creative design, machine finished in high quality will have price range from 100 USD to 400 USD.


3. Spinner basic structure
Basically, a spinner has three part: wings, bearing and button.


- Wings is the body of the spinner and is also the part that have to be design and finish with care. The wings made of metal and have a balance point.


- The bearing is the contact point between wings and button. Bearing come with different type, size and quality. A good bearing will help spinner work smoothly and have a longer spin time. The standard bearing for spinner is ceramic bearing.


- Button is fixed in the middle of the spinner, user will hold to this button and flick the wing to make spinner spin. Button is often round in shape and beautifully carved.



4. Spinner trend


The spinner trend on the world started with a spinner named Torqbar, design and made by Scam Design. It became a hot trend in early 2015, at that time, it was painfully difficult to obtain a Torqbar. The cost to make a Torqbar just around 200 USD, but by luck and patience, one could buy a Torqbar with the price of 700-1200 USD. FORBES even named it as “iPhone of desktoy”.


In Vietnam, the spinner community started in late 2016 with a spinner named Hyperstone made by Spinner Vietnam. With high quality, on par with all the famous spinner in the world, Hyperstone quickly became popular and a must have for all spinner lover. The famous spinner reviewer PSYK have describe Hyperstone as “the best hand spinner”. With the price range from 80-100 USD, a full packet of Hyperstone including a handmade leather holster, 2 button, 2 bearing and other accessories.